CLIMATE. Conflict Management in Schools. ID. PEH 059


    The University of Bucharest, in partnership with the Foundation for the Development of Peoples, launches CLIMATE: Conflict Management in Schools, implemented with the financial support of RO10 - CORAI, 2009-2014 EEA Grants funded programme managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund.

The CLIMATE project for conflict management in schools aims to develop a strategy for diminishing the level of conflict and violence in Romanian schools, by initiating a national mediation system. 

The development of the project will include a national study regarding the phenomenology, causes and prevalence of conflictuality and violence in Romanian schools (primary schools, gymnasiums, high-schools and vocational schools), with qualitative and quantitative methods, study of documents and a final report;

The project implies consulting the specialists involved in controlling the conflictuality - counselors, mediators, educational experts, Roma experts, social workers - in order to elaborate a pilot strategy for mediation, to be presented in work sessions with decisional factors; 
The pilot programmme will be implemented in a number of identified schools, for correcting the strategy based on data collected from the pilot programme.

The importance of the CLIMATE project consists in proposing a policy for reducing violence in schools through mediation, final implementation methodologies delivery and implementation of a comprehensive awareness campaign, both for decisional factors and educational institutions in Romania.